Important Announcement


Alpha Rho as a whole encountered some significant challenges this past year.

First, the Student Chapter was erroneously charged with a hazing incident during the Fall 2022 recruitment period at WVU. While the WVU investigation ultimately determined no hazing had occurred, it also determined the Student Chapter violated recruitment rules at WVU and Pi Kappa Phi Supreme Law by offering a bid to a first semester freshman. These violations of Pi Kappa Phi Supreme Law forced our National Council to place the Student Chapter on interim suspension until every student member successfully completed educational coursework assigned by Pi Kappa Phi national fraternity Standards & Accountability staff members. These national fraternity staff members regularly notified WVU of the Student Chapter’s progress which allowed the Student Chapter to incrementally resume aspects of normal chapter operations starting in January 2023. The Student Chapter’s Executive Council notified me that they successfully completed the last of their educational coursework assignment by the end of the 2023 Spring Semester, and they are now ready to resume all aspects of normal chapter operations.

Second, Ally Cannon who had been serving Alpha Rho as the Chapter Advisor unfortunately had to resign during the Fall 2022 Semester. She accepted an offer to join Catholic University during the summer of 2022 and her professional commitments simply made it impossible for her to continue serving as our Chapter Advisor. Ally was a great Chapter Advisor for the Student Chapter and partner for the Alumni Chapter during her tenure. She is and will always be a dear friend to Alpha Rho. Rest assured, you will continue to see her at Alumni Chapter sponsored events in Morgantown as her schedule permits. I have therefore been serving as the Interim Chapter Advisor since her resignation so the Student Chapter could move forward with their required educational coursework and ultimately end their interim suspension.

Third, several Alumni Chapter board members have encountered similar professional commitment challenges starting in January 2023 and the result was we did not function at the high level that the previous board members established. Unfortunately, I am now compelled to resign in my roles as President of the Alumni Chapter and as Interim Chapter Advisor of the Student Chapter due to professional commitments associated with a new role at my employer. Those commitments will unfortunately prevent me from travelling to Morgantown for at least the next 12 months.

Jason Hyett, Executive Vice President, is now our President of the Alumni Chapter. I urge you to support him and the other Alumni Chapter board members in whatever way you can.

The phrase “time, talent, and treasure” comes to mind.

At this point, my contributions to Alpha Rho will be limited to “treasure” and I will continue contributing funds so Alpha Rho can survive in an increasingly challenging environment for Greek Life at WVU.

My humble request to each of you is this. Please reach out to Jason and the other Alumni Chapter board members and learn what you can do to contribute as well, whether it’s with your time, your talent, your treasure, or some mix thereof.

Proud to be a Pi Kapp!

Andy Dunn

AP 288