Secretary (CCO)

Secretary – Chief Communications Officer

Ian Faulconer, AP 814

Ian was initiated into Pi Kappa Phi during the recharting of 2019. During Alpha Rho’s reorganization efforts prior to 2019, Ian held the position of Vice Archon. He held this leadership position throughout his college career. During his years as Vice Archon, Ian was awarded Chapter Officer of the Year (2018-2019) by the Interfraternity Council for his lucrative planning efforts in recruitment.
After graduation, Ian has taken on an advisory role as the recruitment advisor for Alpha Rho. Most recently, he has also become the Chief Communication officer for the alumni chapter.

Ian is from Frederick, MD where he currently resides with family. He is currently working as a Design Engineer in the construction industry. Ian specializes in building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems while optimizing the design, construction, operation, and efficiency of buildings. Ian has also taken multiple board positions in professional organizations within the engineering industry. Much of his building block leadership skills can be attributed to his time as Vice Archon during his undergraduate years.

Ian has taken his free time to enjoy the outdoors. Many of his weekends are spent hunting whether it be white-tailed deer, waterfowl, or turkey. Ian is often found at local breweries with a wide variety of beer in hand.
Ian’s goals, “I see Alpha Rho as a brotherhood of men who strive to become an ‘Ideal Chapter’. From my days as an undergraduate member, I learned many lessons before seeing an ideal chapter. I learned that men who build each other build leaders, and leaders build an organization. I plan to share my lessons learned with Alpha Rho and continue to build lasting friendships within this brotherhood.”