Happy New Year

We hope that you all enjoyed the holiday season with your family and friends.  
The Board of Directors of your Alpha Rho Alumni Chapter is hard at work to make 2017 a great success. Alpha Rho had an amazing 2016 and look to build on it this year. We have some ambitious plans. With the success we had in the last half of 2016, we hope to repeat as Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Chapter of the Year in 2017.

We have 2 events in Morgantown already planned and ready to go. First is our annual Spring Alumni Weekend to be held in April. We’ll have more details on this soon, but the annual Alumni Chapter full meeting will be held that weekend among our other social events. Our Homecoming is set for the Fall. We will be announcing some exciting news later in the month that will make it easier for everyone to travel to Morgantown to be part of this weekend. 

Our other projects will continue as well. The complete history of Alpha Rho is being written right now and will be finished sometime this year. We are still looking to fill in some important information that has proven difficult to obtain. Our other projects include completing a Strategic Plan that released a look back to the factors that led to the loss of our Charter. We will release the recommendations that address each of these areas by the Spring Alumni Board meeting in April.       

As you all know, we are committed to keeping our commitment to The Ability Experience while our Student Chapter is off campus. We will do our part with a financial contribution and with volunteer opportunities close to where you live. This is and always has been important to Alpha Rho and we will keep this at the forefront of all of our efforts.    

We hope to expand our regional events and to start a new region in an area where we have a lot of members. We will also be supporting the Regional Governors in the New York, Pennsylvania and the DC/ Baltimore areas as they continue their efforts for Pi Kappa Phi.  

Finally, this year we will begin work with our Housing Corporation, National Staff and WVU to set a definitive plan for Rechartering our Student Chapter on campus. We have kept an open dialogue with Staff members and WVU Greek Life since we lost our Charter in the spring of 2015. We will certainly keep all of you informed as the plans unfold. For now, we just want you to know that this is something we all are working hard to accomplish. 

The work of the Board of Directors is done on behalf of all our members. It is done to preserve and advance your Chapter at West Virginia University. We hope that you will continue to support us both by attending our events and by your generous giving. Your financial support is the only way we can meet our obligations. Thank you to all that gave in 2016! We need all of our Members to contribute in 2017.  

Please visit our website at www.wvupikapp.org to see what we’ve done in the past and to learn about all of our plans going forward. Update your contact information here and learn of all of the ways you can help us grow the Alumni Chapter in 2017 and beyond.

I wish all of you the best in 2017 and look forward to seeing you at one of our events this year.  

Proud to be a Pi Kapp

Tom Begley- AP 284

President- CEO

Alpha Rho Alumni Chapter