Happy Founders Day


I’d like to wish you warm greetings on this 113th Anniversary of the founding of Pi Kappa Phi.  I often wonder if Brothers Kroeg, Fogarty and Mixson had any idea their actions that night in Charleston, SC would lead to what we, and so many men from all over the world, enjoy today.

Our Common Bond is a durable one.  Alpha Rho is a testament to the notion that OY∆ΕΝ ∆ΙΑΣΠΑΣΕΙ ΗΜΑΣ is not just a slogan or empty ideal. We have been down a very rough road these past few years.  We have had to rely on the concepts taught to us from the earliest moments of being Associate Members.  That our fraternity is more than a house, symbols, letters or any other tangible items that we associate with Pi Kappa Phi.  Pi Kappa Phi is an ideal that lives within each of us and simply can not be broken.  We cannot be torn asunder!
As you know, Alpha Rho’s Student Chapter will begin the process of Reorganization in January.  As we reflect on our past today, I ask that all of you take a moment to think about the future.  We have so much to be hopeful for.  The plan we have is a good one.  All we need is your help to support us and our new Students.
In January, we’ll be reaching out to you to ask you for your financial support.  We hope you understand that while we would prefer to be in a position where we don’t have to ask, we simply must.  There is no way to do accomplish our goals unless we all bear our share of the financial burden of the Chapter.
Enjoy this day.  I look forward to the next time we are able to gather as Brothers in Pi Kappa Phi.
Proud to be a Pi Kapp!
Tom Begley- AP284
President- CEO
Alpha Rho Alumni Chapter